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And the best part of smart chatbots is the more you use and train them, the better they become. Conversational AI is incredible for business but terrifying as the plot of a sci-fi story. Essentially, simple chatbots use rules to determine how to respond to requests. With a professional integration between chatbot and CRM, your chatbot can securely and quickly establish customer identity and access their account information. It will then have the ability to provide useful updates or escalate issues promptly and initiate follow-up procedures if the issue is not possible to resolve straight away.

Upcoming trends in digital marketing space that will be highlighted in 2023 – DATAQUEST

Upcoming trends in digital marketing space that will be highlighted in 2023.

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The instant access to critical data reduces the operation cost, and also maximizes the efficiency and functioning of a business. Chatbot statistics show that artificial intelligence enables businesses to leverage various technologies to improve customer service, create leads, and increase conversions. Internet users have been using chatbots for a significant amount of time to provide answers to questions asked by customers and collect information. Serving as the lead content strategist, Snigdha helps the customer service teams to leverage the right technology along with AI to deliver exceptional and memorable customer experiences. Chatbots are gradually transforming the contours of customer communication.

Awesome Chatbot Benefits for Your Business

When it comes to product recommendations, they eliminate the necessity for shoppers to scroll down an endless product page to find what they need. Instead, they use the conversation as a filtering system, bringing the product to the customer. You should set the tone of voice, write the chatbot script, put the right chat icon, and set a welcome message to greet your site visitors. When you know what you need from the chatbot, then it’s time to choose the tool that will help you solve the problems. Before you implement your first chatbot, you should make a list of your company’s issues that you want the bot to solve. Organize them by topic and write down everything you’re struggling with.

When a customer is having an interest in the products you are offering, there may be chances that he/she will have queries or require more details about the product. Statistics show that answering simple questions is relevant to 55% of online shoppers, and 64% of online shoppers prefer 24/7 online support that cannot be provided by a real person. Here the chatbots can help you a lot, by using simple yet efficient chatbots, you can cut down your customer care operational costs by 30%. Last but most important, chatbots can also act as conversational tools.

Deep Customer Insights

Put our partnerships with world-class digital experience platforms to work for you. A chatbot can recover up to 7x more abandoned-cart revenue for your eCommerce store. Whether you’re 100% eCommerce or have multi-location brick-and-mortar shops with eCommerce offerings, there’s an option for you. Chatbots are quickly becoming the new search bar for eCommerce stores — and as a result, boosting and automating sales. In the past, shoppers would have to search through an online store’s catalog to find the product they were looking for. There are a few basic do’s and don’ts to follow to get the most out of your chatbot.

Why is chatbot important in ecommerce?

Engage customers

AI-powered ecommerce chatbots provide an interactive experience for users. They answer questions, offer information, and recommend new products and or services. And they do this at any time of the day. The always-on nature of ecommerce chatbots is key to their effectiveness.

It not only offers responses but it helps in offering answers based on feedback and FAQs. According to the data from Juniper Research, the retail chatbot interactions around the world are expected to reach 22 billion dollars by 2023. Good customer experience will always lead to a good customer satisfaction rate.

Provides conversational marketing

A chatbot can pop up after a specific time and suggest using an interactive spinning wheel with discounts and other offers for the visitor. They spin the wheel and get a discount code for your latest collection. They probably think to themselves “it would be a shame to waste it”, so they go ahead with a purchase. Bots also proactively Chatbots Necessity In Ecommerce send notifications to website visitors and help to speed up the purchase decision process. These notifications can include your ongoing offers or news about the company. A chatbot can help convert your social media followers into buyers when it’s integrated as a pop-up window on a relevant social media page, in an ad or messages.

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Procurement Outsourcing Services Market to Garner USD 7.86 ….

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Since most customers are likely to be using WhatsApp in their day-to-day lives, it makes sense for e-commerce companies to be using it too. With recent additions to the WhatsApp for Business offering, the case for integrating WhatsApp into your operations becomes even stronger. If there is one industry that benefits from the digital boom, or in other words could not live without digitalisation and the internet , it is e-commerce. The “E” in e-commerce stands for “electronic”, but in the meantime it could also stand for “everywhere”. For a glimpse of real-world practice, the approach of VELUX, a Danish manufacturing company that has achieved impressive results with a chatbot in e-commerce, is shown. Social media chatbots are some of the fastest-growing bots in the marketplace.


Providing excellent customer service is a necessity for any ecommerce store. No matter how good your online storefront is, you will always have some customers who have questions or concerns regarding the payment or refund process. And when your customers need you, you need to be around to provide assistance. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to have a round-the-clock staff of agents online for 24/7 support. By deploying an ecommerce chatbot in your online store, you can provide real-time assistance around the clock.

Chatbots Necessity In Ecommerce

As an example, let’s say your company spends $2,000 per month for each customer support representative. If you get your bot from a vendor, you’ll pay around $40 per month for the unlimited number of chatbots. This will add up to thousands in saved revenue by the end of the year.

steps to elevate your brand with social customer care

We fully plan and create both simple transactional and complex conversational chatbots that can support human-like conversations. Chatbots were created to respond to simple questions that can be answered with facts. Chatbots have limited responses, so they’re not often able to answer multi-part questions or questions that require decisions.

  • However, it can be made easier and bridged by proactively gathering feedback or by analysing the data of chatbot conversations.
  • By collecting the customer’s data, you can reach them through mail & messages, and offer them special offers, discounts, etc.
  • It’s also not uncommon for customers to be reminded of what they’re looking for after a conversation has been started.
  • Using an intuitive, no-code bot builder is the most convenient way to set up bot workflows.
  • You can also choose a solution that lets you implement a chatbot on many platforms, such as your social media, WhatsApp, and your website.
  • The rise of chatbots is a seismic shift in ecommerce, with the ultimate goal being to foster better shopping experiences and streamline a vast matrix of interactions.

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