About Us






Delta source is a leading company that stands for outstanding quality standards and making lighting products under the brand name Delta lite. Delta Source is working to provide you the best LED lights in Pakistan at competitive and relatively lower prices.

We are becoming the leaders in offering a comprehensive range of LED lights. Our endeavors are directed towards fulfilling our commitments to our clients by serving them with appropriate LED lighting solutions. Deltalite is consistently working to give maximum lumens out of our product with the most energy-saving to benefit our customers.




Deltalite is working to give the best energy-saving LED lighting products and LED lights in Pakistan under the brand name of Delta lite at economic prices with durability and long-lasting brightness. We want to give you the best indoor and outdoor LED lighting products with unmatched beauty and features. Delta Source is confident to have its products backed by warranties to be the preferred choice of users.


Why Deltalite?


Deltalite LED lights are elegantly designed with quality material and high efficiency with less power consumption and are perfect to replace CFLs.


Easy to Install


Deltalite LED Lighting products are easily installable without any need for technical skills and don’t require any extra fittings.


Bright Light


Our LED lighting products give the brightest light approximately 115 lumens per watt


Energy Saving


Deltalite LED lights are designed to give maximum efficiency consuming the least power,It consumes up to (80%) less energy than conventional light


Elegant Design


Our LED lighting products are elegantly designed to fit in all places giving a decent look with the characteristics to best fit in all types of interiors.


Eyes Friendly


Deltalite LED lights give eyes friendly light and protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiations.


Long Life


Our LED lighting products last longer with a life span of more than 50,000 hours and one year warranty


We provide you best prices on all our products and want our customers to get much out of each penny. Our customer’s satisfaction really means to us.