2×2 LED Backlit Ceiling Panel Light 48W

Features of Led Backlight Panel Light:

Following are the features of LED Backlight Panel Light 2 X 2

  • Bright Light
  • Energy Saving
  • Long-Lasting
  • Ultraviolet Free
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Easy Installation



Our 2×2 LED Backlit Panel Light is a perfect indoor light to brighten up your interiors with ultimate brightness. It contains strips of powerful LED with a slim, elegant designed body.

LED Backlit Panel Light contains a high-quality long-lasting strip of LED Lights enclosed in a square 2×2 Backlit panel that can work even in high temperatures. LED Panel Light has an aluminum fitting to absorb maximum heat.

Critical features of LED Backlit Panel Light  

Bright Light

Although the 2×2 LED Backlit Panel Light is Full in the middle and covers more area. This panel gives brighter light than standard conventional lights and other backlight panels with 110 lumens per watt.

Energy Saving

This panel light is designed and manufactured to give bright light with maximum energy savings. It saves more than 80% energy as compared to conventional lamps.


The high-quality materials used in the LED Backlit Panel Light 2×2 to make its life longer more than 20,000 hours.

Ultraviolet Free

These panel lights are entirely ultraviolet rays-free and safe for the eyes. There is no other harmful emission in the morning.

1 Year Warranty

This panel light has a complete 1-year replacement warranty for any technical or manufacturing defect.

Easy Installation

It is straightforward to install. Just remove the ceiling tile. Connect the wires of the driver and then again place the tile inside the panel frame.

Introduction to Our LED Driver

After introducing the Led panel light, the next important part is the Led driver, which connects the led with AC power. Like standard panel lights, the Led Backlit Panel light has an external driver to supply power. It’s essential to have a suitable driver with the led. Some essential tips to follow while choosing the Led panel light driver:

Power and Current

Choose the driver that has the right output power range and current.

Electronic Circuit Model

The isolated circuit will be safer as compared to the non-isolated course as the Panel light has an aluminum frame.

Power Factor

The greater the power factor, the more the light will be energy-saving.

Protection and Safety

Be sure about the driver’s protections such as open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, over-temperature protection, etc. Be sure about the driver certifications such as FCC, TUV, CE, etc.

Other Configurations

Dimmable or non-dimmable, constant current driver or regular voltage driver, etc.

Deltalite LED Lighting offers a suitable Led driver for the Panel light. For complete details, blog links have been given below.

Blog link: http://deltasource.pk/a-new-addition-to-the-deltalite-led-lights-series/

Color Temperature

Natural White, Warm White, White

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