5 Watt LED BULB A55


Our LED Bulbs has the following features:

  • Saves Energy
  • Gives Bright Light
  • Uniform Light Distribution
  • Gives more than 110 lumens per watt.
  • Eyes Friendly light


Our 5 watt LED bulb are very economic, energy-efficient, and give bright light, no flickering, and a longer life span of more than 20,000 hours. It contains a high-quality chip that gives bright ultraviolet free light and consumes little power.

  • Weight 0.30 kg
  • Color Day Light, Warm White

Delta 5 watt LED bulbs are great lighting for standard to replace incandescent bulbs of 5 Watt, easy installation, and instant-on.

Deltasource is also offering a 12watt led bulb at a very cheap price.

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