Industrial Lighting Products and Outdoor Lighting

Light is important and needed at every domestic as well as commercial place. Although natural light is the best and can not be replaced it is not available in industrial sectors indoors or at night time. Hence industrial lighting products server to fulfill the light requirements indoor as well as outdoor. LED Flood Lights and Street lights are the most used outdoor lighting products in the lighting industry.

High-Performance Outdoor Lighting Perfect for Your Industry

Industrial lighting always needs to be brighter and more robust to fulfill the lighting requirements of that environment. There is extra bright light required outdoors with a long throw to light up the area. But Extra brightness also requires extra power and energy. Our industrial lighting solutions are designed to give bright eyes friendly light with maximum energy savings while significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs.LED Floodlights consume at least 50% less energy than traditional HID lighting sources to drastically reduce electricity costs while greatly reducing carbon emissions. Our lighting products are focused to ensure the utmost safety and productivity of your facility. Our industrial and outdoor lighting products are waterproof with long life. These lights significantly reduce the maintenance costs and result in savings.

The high performance is what makes our Industrial lighting products special. These lights have a wider but uniform light spread with a long bream throw. The outdoor lighting products are corrosion resistant can operate in all types of environments. Our lights have been tested at several levels to give the best performance in the industrial environment. These lights can be used in large halls, parking areas, pathways, etc.

Deltalite LED industrial Lights delivers class-leading energy efficiency, functionality, and dependability for superior performance in a wide range of applications in the most demanding environments.

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