Best LED Street Lights in Lahore

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DeltaLite by Delta Source has successfully been manufacturing LED Downlights and LED Bulbs and now a new product by Delta Source is available. Our LED Street Light is now available with great and unmatched efficiency, quality, and features.

DeltaLite is constantly striving to manufacture and provide the best quality, Eco-friendly Best LED street Lights in Lahore and to play its role in saving energy resources. Because of their unmatched features, our LED Street lights are highly recommended to be used on streets in Pakistan.

Key features of Best Led Street Lights in Lahore:

·         Energy Star:

Our LED Street light is highly energy saving and saves more than 80% of energy than conventional lights.

·         Metal Body:

 It has a metal body with maximum heat absorption capacity and unbreakable strong nature.

·         Bright Light:

Our product gives out brightest light with more than 110 lumens per watt completely suitable to light up the outdoors and streets.

·         Easy on Eyes:

Our Street Light gives bright ultraviolet free light that is easy on the eyes.

·         Warranty:

It has a complete one-year warranty.

·         Long lasting:

Deltalite lasts longer for more than 40,000 hours and is fully eco-friendly.

·         Elegant Design:

Its shape is elegantly designed to provide maximum wide light spread and has an attractive look with a corrosion-resistant body.

·         Power factor:

It has a power factor of above 0.95.

·         Flickering free:

Our LED lights don’t flicker and retains their brightness for long period.

·         Cost Effective:

Due to its energy saving feature and availability at low price it is very cost-effective and reduces electricity bills.

·         Easy Installation:

It is easy to install and have strength to hold on in storms and severe weather conditions.

Diving in deeper determines the importance and superiority over other outdoor lighting products.  Our indoor and outdoor LED lights match the perfects standards of lighting and Deltalite is constantly working to provide the best LED lighting products in Pakistan.

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