LED downlights

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LED Downlights are downward directional luminaires that emit a focused beam of light. These were first revolutionized years back with the IP65 fire-rated product. We are manufacturing IP65 fire-rated downlights that are highly efficient and long-lasting.

Biggest Lighting Market in Pakistan

Furthermore, we are leading the market with having a big lighting market share in Pakistan with unmatched features like easy installation, simple connectors, round fixtures with elegant design, and a wide light spread of bright light.

Indoor and Outdoor LEd Downlights

Visual comfort is our main focus and we have developed downlights with a low glare that are easy on your eyes. Moreover, we are also working on dimmable lighting to switch colors from daylight to a warmer comfortable color around about 1800 K to provide a more relaxing environment. Along with this color switchable lighting is also our focus in which the same light with three white colors can be switched to anyone using an integrated switch or dimmer.
Our downlights come up with particularly higher output to perform well on higher ceilings and roofs. Our led downlights can be used indoor as well as outdoor in soffits and fascias with a discrete front and are the perfect replacement for CFLs.

versatile Downlights

Our downlights are simple yet versatile to be used at homes as well as commercial places and offices and saves more than 80% of energy. So spending less money will make a bigger impact on our led downlights. This architectural pleasing design delivers high lumen output with a little power consumption and has flexible springs for tool-less installation.

Deltalite LED downlights

Deltalite LED downlights fall into the best market competitive products with a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours and one year warranty. These downlights are non-flickering and operate on consistent brightness instead of getting dimmer with time. Its metallic housing makes it unbreakable with perfect fitting.

Deltalite led lights by Delta Source have commercial expertise and have an innovative lighting range to suit all your needs and requirements above the mark. We have recently introduced our LED Panel Light 2×2 in the market as LED Smart panel Light that has versatile uses and unmatched specifications.

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