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LED Lights an alternate to Traditional Lights: Is it a right choice? Leave a comment

LED Lights an alternate to Traditional Lights: Is it a right choice?

You may be familiar with the Led lighting technology, but you may not know the features and details about them. We’ve taken the time to compile some of the main advantages of LED lighting, so read on to know the importance and reason why everyone is talking about and shifting to this new technology.

Is LED Lighting right for you? Are there any health hazards of Led Lights? Do Led Lights emit harmful radiations? Are they harmful for eyes?

These are some of the common questions popping-up in our minds while thinking of Led Lights.  These are all myths about the Led lighting technology. The Lights being made for normal use are eco friendly and tested at several levels with quality checks to ensure their performance and quality.

Long Life Span:

There is a believe that LEDs have infinite lifetime as they last for very long time. However, their actual life is around 30,000 hours which makes them usable for around 11 years. This life span is 50 times that of incandescent lights and 25 times that of halogen lights.

Energy Saving:

A good quality and properly designed LED light is almost 80% efficient, which is incomparable to incandescent bulbs that have just 20% efficiency. Their low power consumption makes them superior to the incandescent technology.

No Harmful Radiations and Less Heat Emissions:

LED Lights are ultraviolet and harmful radiations free and unlike fluorescent and incandescent lights they emit very small amount of heat; neither do they contain any mercury. LEDs also resist vibrations and shocks and thus operate effectively at low voltages also.

Huge Reduction i犀利士
n monthly bill

Owing to the reduction in power consumption, LED lights also significantly reduce electricity bill. Replacing a single incandescent bulb or fluorescent light by an LED light can put a considerable reduction in the annual bill.


There is a major drawback of LED lighting as well, so make sure to consider this before making final decision.

High cost

LED technology is entirely a new technology under research and development phase. Due to this, LEDs are normally costlier than other lights. However, the non-replacement benefit, reduction in bill, and other benefits of LED Lights compensate their high cost in short time.

Concluding all犀利士
, LED Lights and LED bulbs is very beneficial technology from all aspects and consumers can look for long term benefits from it as they don’t have to replace lights again and again after intervals.

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