Advantages of LED Bulb

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You should know the advantages of led bulb over a simple bulb. LED Bulb is an electric light that produces light using 1 or more light-emitting diodes to provide bright light with excellent light quality. LED Bulb is an energy-efficient, long-lasting brighter lighting product that helps saving money.

LED Bulbs saves 90% energy as compared to conventional Bulb. LED Bulbs are five-time Efficient with very few complaints and replacements and are better than conventional light.

We all know that LED Bulb is cooler than conventional Bulb but that doesn’t mean they don’t produce heat. LED Bulb does get hot but it is made of such shape and materials which absorb heat and pulls the heat with the help of heat sink which places in the base of the bulb. From there the heat dissipates into the air and the LED bulbs stay cool and that helps it to sustain for a long time.

Advantages of LED Bulb: –

  • Energy saving

LED Bulb uses less energy than conventional lights and saves more than 75% of energy and converts 95% of the power to light whereas conventional lights convert only 40% of power and waste remaining as heat.

  • Long Life Span

LED Bulb has a much longer life span than other light. Other lights have 10,000 to 15,000 hour’s life spans while LED lights have 40,000 to 50,000 hours of life span.

  • Solid-State Light

LED Light is solid-state light. Solid-state lighting means those lights that use semiconductor light-emitting diodes.

  • Energy Efficiency

                            Our Bulbs are highly energy efficient with a power factor of greater than 0.95. They consume less energy and convert maximum power into light.

  • Dimming capability

Usually low quality led lights to start getting dim with the passage of time and flicker while our LED bulbs sustain their bright light with no flickering till the end.

There is a certain quality of light that is required for the environment and for human eyes. The light out of the safety range harms human eyes and also puts a strain on health. Our lighting products are tested at various stages and give the safest light that’s easy on the eyes.

  • Operate on very low voltage

As per the electricity situations in Pakistan, the voltage keeps fluctuating but our LED lights have the feature to bear that fluctuation and work on low voltages.

  • Easy to Install

                         There are no technical skills required for the installation of our LED Lights as they are easy to install.

  • Warranty

There is a 1-year replacement warranty for all our product range.

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