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Learn about the using and installation of LED Lighting for your places. A Quick Guide for you. Leave a comment

Generally, the light requirements for different places are different. In accordance to their use LED Lights are characterized into two categories:

  • Indoor Lights.
  • Outdoor Lights.

Indoor Lights:

Indoor Lights are made for indoor places like rooms, halls, offices etc. These lights are specially designed according to the indoor environments to light up the interiors as per requirements.

Indoor lights include:

  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Downlights
  • LED Tube Rods
  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Batten Lights

Outdoor Lights:

Outdoor lights are designed to meet outdoor lighting requirements with greater power and lumens to give maximum brightness. At open places, there is less reflection available due to which more light is required. Hence these lights are high powered with a bigger sized chip.

Outdoor Lights include:

Different areas and their Lighting requirements:


Offices are working places and require brighter white light to keep the working environment fresh bright. At normal and small offices there are mostly downlights used in roofs or celling and bulbs are also used at some offices while at offices having large halls, there are LED panels used to meet the lighting needs. Tube rods can also be used with a wall or roof-mounted fittings. There are a lot of smart and elegant designed fittings available to be used according to the places. Lights used in Office are mostly above 6000 K.


At homes there isn’t that much bright light required as in offices. Mostly there LED bulbs and LED downlights are used. Tube Rods are also used in halls and TV launch. Lights at home mostly have color temperature round about 4000K while below 3000k is also used in living rooms or rest places to provide relaxed environment.

At the outdoors like Lawns, LED Floodlights are used according to the area. Normally 50 watt Flood Light is used domestically.


For industry higher lumens of light are required per square feet. Hence there are mostly LED Bulbs and Tube rods used according to the requirement. At outdoor and in bigger halls flood light suits the best. Moreover, at parking areas and passages Floodlight or street lights both can be used.

Streets and Roads:

For streets and roads, there is a requirement of high power lights. Hence LED Street light best suits there. It is specially designed for such a place.

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