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Advantages of LED Flood Lights for Domestic and Commercial places Leave a comment

Flood Lights are better in all aspects than the traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. These lights save more energy, give righter light with less heat emission and a longer life span. Not just this, there are several other reasons that everyone prefers Led Lights nowadays.

LED Flood lights and The Advantages of Led Lights

Flood lights are usually used in large open areas, building exteriors or large halls where there is a higher amount of light is required. These lights are used in such places to improve the visibility as there is a stronger necessary beam of light with more brightness in these areas. This also helps with better safety and security. These can be used domestically as well as commercially for multiple purposes.

Flood light is designed to be tough bright and robust with a strong bam that can cover the reasonable distance. Commonly the Floodlight is seen in bright white colour, but there are other colours available including the warm and natural tones.

Here are some advantages of LED Flood Lights due to which these are preferred commercially.

Loner Life

LED Flood Lights lasts much longer as compared to an ordinary fluorescent or incandescent floodlight. The life of an expected floodlight is between 3000 t0 5000 hours while led flood lights last 5 to ten times longer than these with a life span of 20,000 to 30,000 hours. Hence there is no need for changing lights again and again.


The LED Floodlights are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, and these are highly cost-effective due to high energy saving. This is the reason behind the popularity of these lights. These lights save above 80% of the energy and give brighter light than any other incandescent light. Hence, they reduce electricity bills.

No UV Emission

These lights emit less heat and no ultraviolet radiations or any unusual noise. Unlike other lights, these lights convert a maximum of the energy to visible light and are eyes friendly. Thee is a phrase “LED Lights are Easy on Eyes” that means these lights don’t emit any harmful radiations that affect eyes.

These Led Lights are Healthly and Eco-Friendly

The traditional lights contain traces of mercury that may harm if the light gets damaged. The LED Flood Lights are mercury-free and completely safe as these lights have a longer lifespan, so their disposal rate is also shallow.

LED Floodlights Can Operate in all Temperature

Traditional lights get affected by the change in temperature or weather sometimes, but the LED Lights are better and can operate in all types of environments. Sometimes in the industry where there are high temperatures and standard lights cannot work there. There LED Lights come into action.

t Turn On

When we turn on a light, it takes a little delay to turn appropriately on and glow completely bright. These delays can be avoided using Led Lights in pakistan as these do not make any hold and turn on instantly.

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