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Best SMD Light Ideas for Low Roof Areas using SMD Lights Leave a comment

SMD Light in a low roof area can be critical. In some regions, due to less vertical space in the room and low roof ceilings, it becomes harder to decide which type of lights should be installed and how to fix them properly to get uniform light throughout. The wrong choice of light can result in areas with high and low contrasts that would make it difficult for someone to see. In this article, we’ll talk about the ways that can make the lighting better in little ceiling rooms and areas.

Here are some ways to light a room well using SMD lights that have a low roof ceiling than 2.4 meters.

Multiple SMD Lights For Multiple Purposes

A single light is never recommended in such an area. Always use multiple lights in the room to give a uniform glow throughout.  Using more lights will reduce the dark areas of the room and will also make the room seem larger and more open. Hanging lamps can also be used in different directions to cover up the whole area, but as ceilings are already low hence Ceiling SMD Downlights in Lahore or any other city are recommended, and these are readily available in any city of Pakistan. Also, take care to use ceiling light at least 3 feet away from the wall to avoid harsh shadows. This will make the ceiling appear lower.

White Ceiling Recommended

We recommend you to have a white or bright color ceiling in the room to make the room look more polished. This will also help in enhancing the SMD light effect in the room. The bright color absorbs less light; hence this will make the room more vivid by creating a better distribution throughout the room. This will make the room look similar to the one with a higher roof.

Always Think of The Vertical Side:

Think of the vertical side of the room as you already have less vertical space. As discussed earlier, hanging lights are not recommended. Always use Ceiling SMD Lights like Led Downlights or led panel lights as they don’t hang down and save space, giving bright uniform light

But if you go with the suspended lighting fixtures, then use the slim accessories to save space. Also, keep the cables short to keep it look decent. Choose the right locations for light in the room. Choose the one where there is less probability for a person to go like above a table.

Use above Eye Level:

There is a supreme rule of using SMD lights犀利士
above the eye level in a room to avoid direct glare in the eyes. In a low place, it is recommended to use above the eye level approximately above 1.7 meters in height.

Install Low Profile Fixtures:

Use flat or smart fixtures in the room. Usually, it is not considered necessary to consider the lighting of a room or a house important. This isn’t as casual as using the right light can change the room appearance.

Hence, the room having a low ceiling doesn’t mean dull or bad lighting but to think of more creative ways to light up the room beautifully.

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