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We have spent a lot of time looking and testing led lighting products and the components used in the LED lights. There is a huge difference in the quality of lighting products of every brand. That’s because every brand tries to offer a lower price but in this price race, some forget to maintain the quality and go even below the standards and produce very low-quality lights. Let’s take a quick look over some of the things to consider while looking for good quality Led lighting products.

Heat Sensitivity Led lighting products

Led lighting products are heat sensitive and require good thermal management built in the body. Good quality Led light has better heat dissipation and can work for long continuous hours. It also affects the overall lifespan of the led light. Though led lights emit very less heat but the better the heat management the better the light performance will be.

In LED bulbs some companies try to cut the cost by removing the aluminum housing from the body which actually manages the heat of the bulb. Doing so reduces the life and performance of the bulb along with the decrease in the price.

Light Quality

Do check the quality of the light before purchasing it. A good quality light normally produces 100 lumens per watt. It does not put strain and is very eye comforting. The low-quality lights are bright but put a lot of strain on the eyes and sometimes cause severe headaches. Their actual specifications do not match with the ones written on the box or packing of the light. This is why you should avoid cheap led lighting products.

Life Span

LED Lights do have a longer life span than the normal conventional lights but low quality led lighting products do not last long. A good quality LED light normally has a life span of 20000 to 50000 hours. Spending a little more to buy quality led light is far better than buying low quality led light. It will cost more in the long run as it will require repeated replacement after some time while a good quality light will last for years with consistent bright light. The low-quality chips don’t last long and start dimming with time.

Energy Saving

LED lights save more than 80 percent of the energy and give bright light. Unlike conventional lights, these lighting products convert most of the energy to light and very little energy goes wasted as heat. There is also a drawback in cheap led lights from the energy-saving aspect. The low quality led lights to take more than the actually mentioned energy and don’t do any savings.

These are some of the factors you should consider before purchasing led lighting products. Avoid low quality led lights to not get into trouble later.

We at Deltalite work to provide the best quality at the lowest possible price to our customers. We take care of all the factors mentioned while manufacturing our lighting products. Our led lights are tested at several stages and have the exact specifications as mentioned on the packing. We believe in quality with the best customer service. We do offer a 1-year replacement warranty for our lighting products.

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