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The Led Lights market is rapidly increasing day by day in Pakistan. The demand is rising as people are shifting from traditional lights to LED lights. As Led Downlights and LED bulbs far more efficient than the ordinary halogen of fluorescent lights so these are taking over the lighting market. To meet the demand and to supply led lights to the marked the number of led lights manufacturers are also increasing worldwide and in Pakistan.

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There are some local led bulb manufacturer and led downlight manufacturer that are importing parts and assembling in small places in Pakistan. There are international brands and led lights manufacturers also in the market of Pakistan.

There is huge competition in the lighting market of Pakistan and the number of led lights manufacturer are increasing every day. But to stand in this competitive market led lights manufacturers have to be on standards and provide the real quality otherwise they will lose in this race. Those who produce quality win the market. There are few local brands in Pakistan along with the international brands that are producing quality LED downlights and LED bulbs. These manufacturers cover most of the LED lights market share.

The Best Quality Led Lights Manufacturer at Lowest Price in Pakistan

Deltalite Pakistan is one of the local led lights brands in Pakistan by DeltaSource group that is producing very good quality LED Downlights and LED Bulbs. The important thing about LED lights manufacturers Deltalite is that it is providing very good quality of led lights at very low prices as compared to the market. The vision of Deltalite is to provide the best quality LED lights in the market to every consumer at the lowest possible price. In this great competition, Deltalite stands great and is growing rapidly due to its outstanding quality among all the led lights manufacturers.

Improved LED Bulb and LED Downlights Technology

Deltalite being manufacturer started with LED Bulbs and LED Downlights in the market. Initially, the 12 watts LED bulb was the first product to enter the market by Deltalite back two years ago. It gave extraordinary output due to the good quality and low-price range. the Pakistani consumer market focuses on price more than quality but in this case, the consumer got both good quality and lower price with a 1-year warranty. After the success of 12 watts led bulb delta lite launched 7 watts led bulb and 7 and 12 watts LED Downlights SMD.

The Led downlight was unique in a way that its shell is made to fit in both 3 inches and 4 inches hole of the ceiling. Whereas from any other brand or led lights manufacturer you have to buy different light for 3 inches, 4 inches, or any other measurement of the ceiling hole. But that the plus point of deltalite Led Downlights that it can fit in both 3inches and 4 inches hole. These two are the standard and most widely used measurements for ceilings used all over Pakistan.

Now the Range of delta lite includes floodlight, Street light, LED frame panel light, LED bulbs, and led downlights. You can also get deltalite led lights online Now.

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