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7 Important Things You Should Know About LED Lighting Products

We all know that LED lighting products are much better for the environment than the old incandescent lights. But that doesn’t mean you’ve been convinced to make the switch. You probably thinking of the hustle of changing all the fixtures etc.

Switching to LED Lighting Products is Easier and Simple

To switch to led lights and get upgraded you just need to remove the screwed bulbs from your old fixtures and replace them with the new LED Bulbs. There is no need to change or replace and install the fixtures. Just change the lights and you are good to go. But be sure to replace the bulb with a Led light that matches the performance of the previously installed bulb.

LED Lights Lasts Longer and Save Your Money

Though LED lighting products are more expensive than incandescent ones they are the winners in the long run. LED lights have a much longer life than other lights and you don’t have to replace and buy a new one after a few months. These lights don’t get dim with time as incandescent ones do and operate at constant brightness throughout their life. These lights have a 5 to 10 times longer life span than other lights. More is that led lighting products operate at very low energy and give huge energy saving as compared to the incandescent and CFLs. This ultimately saves money from electricity bills.

The amount of energy you will save if you swapped out only one lightbulb with an LED, it’s been predicted that you’ll reduce the amount of energy consumption 70-90%.

LED Lights Save Lot of Energy

Led lights are highly efficient and convert almost 95% of the energy consumed into light, unlike incandescent bulbs, which convert only 10 to 15% of energy into light, and the rest of the energy is wasted as heat and other rays.

Not All LED Lights Are Same

There are different qualities in Led lighting products. Some are low-quality others are good quality. It depends on what diode is used in them.

Better Light Distribution

LED Lights have a better and uniform light distribution throughout the area and longer throw as compared to the other lights and hence these provide better focus.

Availability of Colors

There are different color temperatures available in LED lights ranging from 2700K to 6500K normally. The color temperature of led lights is measured in Kelvin(K). A lower number of kelvins means warmer color and a higher means colder color of light.

Dimmable Lights

LED lights are dimmable so the brightness of the light can be controlled. Though all led lighting products are not dimmable but most of the good quality LED lights are dimmable.

These are some of the main reasons for the LED lights to stand out among the lighting technologies. So, these are the properties that you should consider and switch to led lights.

Deltalite LED lights are one of the best quality led lighting products in the market available at low prices. You can also buy led lights online in Pakistan.

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