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It’s not a secret anymore that led bulbs are the eco-friendliest, cost, and energy-efficient lighting technology available. So there’s no sense to write about its advantages over conventional technologies because advertisements have done this job enough. We should save our time and move towards the actual point.

How To Select The Right and Most Cost-Effective Led Bulbs

It is important, that cost-effective doesn’t mean cheap or low quality. By saying this the real meaning is that the led bulb is cost-effective we mean that using it will lead to maximum lighting cost decrease providing the best quality safe light. To make it clear we’ll compare different types and select the most budget-friendly model with good quality.

Before we go to rank the led bulbs, we need to be clear about the characteristics we’ll be making a comparison of. The factors such as price, lifespan, and power come at first. Some advanced users may also note the luminous efficacy of the bulb. But separately none of these properties can define the real cost-effectiveness beside these.

Why Not Cost For Led Bulbs?

Fluorescent bulbs have already proven that the price is not the most reliable sign to finalize the selection. The led bulb may cost a few rupees but consume a great amount of energy.

Why Not Go For Consumption?

Normally, the lower is the power the dimmer the light is. So running after low consumption we may be risking to purchase the led bulbs which are not bright enough and don’t provide enough lumens for our needs.

Why Not Go For Just Luminous Efficacy?

Luminous efficacy is quite a convenient efficiency and effectiveness indicator. It gives the number of lumens produced against 1 Watt consumption of energy. So the higher is the number of lumens per watt the more efficiently it uses energy and saves your money giving brighter light.

However, just considering this may be insufficient for selecting the best product for use. It must be admitted that when you need to buy a new led light once in a few months that’s not an economy. So long lifespan actually matters.

Let’s Define The X-Indicator

The experience of using LED lights shows that in determining the economic effects of the product is necessary to consider all the above-mentioned features, namely:

  • Price
  • Consumption
  • Luminous efficacy
  • Durability

The most comprehensive measure of the light efficiency is the measure of expenses number for a certain period of time to maintain light levels and overall lifespan of the light.

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