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SO far LED Flood light is the best solution for indoor as well as outdoor applications and getting popular and more in demand with time. Some of the reasons are their energy efficiency and better performance of any other lighting technology in competition. And these also have almost 10 times longer life span. The thing is that they are a little expensive than the other lights in the market but their longer life span makes them superior over others as its saving cost than any traditional light is easily worth the investment. You get what you pay for after all.

Usage LED Flood Light

It is no doubt that lighting has the prime importance in our lives and the lighting bulb is one of the greatest inventions over time but the technology is evolving and getting better every day. Now there are multiple fixtures and LED lighting produc犀利士
available in the market serving different applications.

What Are LED Flood Light?

LED Flood lights are bigger lights with the stronger beam as evident from the name and are used to illuminate larger areas like big halls or outdoors.

These led lights are highly energy-efficient and energy-saving and better in performance than any other conventional lighting with a bigger power factor.

Led Street Lights The New Emerging Technology

Similar to led flood light the Led technology has also taken over the street lights and now there are a variety of street lights available in LED technology. These are brighter, energy-saving, long-lasting, and better in performance than the traditional hanging conventional street lights on the roads. These also have wide but uniform light distribution.

Applications of Flood Lights

Floodlights and street lights have the following applications.

Manufacturing and Construction Areas

Mostly industrial units require high-intensity lighting and most of them are 24/7 operational so these lights serve well there fulfilling the requirements.


Floodlights and street lights also have a major application on the ports that are 24/7 open areas and require a large amount of light.

Architectural Buildings

Architectural and monumental buildings are the beauty and grace of an area. Flood Lights enhance their charm and look at night and make them more attractive. Street lights are used on the passages of parking areas there. Different lighting techniques are used there to make these areas highlighted and awesome

Why LED Lights?

It is of no more debate that LED lights are more efficient and better than the conventional lights. Here are some factors that make LED lights better.

The unmatched features of LED lights have revolutionized the lighting industry and especially led lights in Pakistan are taking over the whole market due to their unbeatable advantages. This latest technology has zero maintenance cost and produces more light per watt. This results in saving energy and giving out more light

Output Lumens

The unit to measure the brightness of light from a source is the lumen. Higher lumen per watt means more bright light. LED Lights have a higher lumen per watt output ranging from 100 to 200 Lumen per watt.

Good Heat Management

LED Lights have a good heat management system and they produce less heat as compared to other commercial or domestic lights. They have heat sinks installed that absorb the heat and also can work in high-temperature environments. These lights are good to use especially in manufacturing units where there are high temperatures and continuous usage. Deltalite LED Flood Light and Led street light has high efficiency with good thermal management.

Eco-Friendly Lights

LED Lights are safe for the environment as they contain no harmful materials and are mercury, lead, and glass-free and more convenient to be used in all places.

Deltalite is manufacturing quality LED Lighting products and now there is the availability of LED street light in Lahore with a one-year warranty. Deltalite LED Flood Light is available in 50 Watts.

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