Indoor and Outdoor LED Lights

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LED Lights have taken over the market like storm in past few years and the demand is going on increasing on daily basis. Basically Indoor and Outdoor LED Lights are more beneficial and far better than incandescent lights, fluorescent bulbs and CFC’s in all aspects. They save more energy, last longer and have brighter light than traditional lights.

LED lights are Eco friendly and are manufactured using non-toxic material and are mercury free that causes harm to the environment. LED Lights are recyclable and can be recyclable while other lights can’t be recycled.

LED Lights Manufacturer in Pakistan

Deltalite is a leading LED Lights company in Pakistan by Delta Source Pakistan that better understands the lighting needs and demands of customer and is manufacturing high quality Pakistan Standard LED Lights that perfectly fulfill the customer needs and market values. The range of Deltalite currently includes LED Bulbs, Downlights, Street Lights, Batten Lights, Flood Lights and a very charming and fascinating designed LED Panel light.

Appropriate lighting at places is always important to increase productivity and individuals comfort. Our LED Lights provide the best comfortable with less glare and even light distribution and better sustainability.

 Deltalite LED Downlight:

Heading towards indoor luminaires, Deltalite LED Downlight is making a greater impact in market with its unmatched features and quality. Its outlook and fitting is suitable for all places.

Features Of Indoor LED Downlights

Deltalite LED downlight has supreme features:

  • It saves maximum energy more than 80% giving extreme efficiency.
  • Our Downlight h犀利士
    as a life span of more about 40,000 hours and longer with quality sustainability.
  • Deltalite Downlight gives eye comforting bright and non-flickering light, with less flare and ultraviolet free beam.
  • The light distribution of downlight is even with more wide spread angle.
  • It can sustain through minor shocks and voltage ups and downs.
  • The attractive design and commendable fitting make Deltalite LED unique.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No warm-up time and quickly turns on.

Available in:

Deltalite Outdoor LED Street Light:

In our outdoor lighting range our all new LED Street Light is one of the best outdoor lights available with high efficiency and admirable features. It is designed and manufactured to meet all the outdoor lighting needs providing bright light to illuminate streets and open areas.

Outdoor LED Street Light Key Features:

Deltalite LED Street Light is consisting of following features

  • It is made of metallic body with powdered coating and fine finish to survive in all types of environments.
  • Have long life more than 40,000 hours with same dense light.
  • It is water and dust proof and gives bright flicker free light with wide light spread and even distribution throughout.
  • Our Street Light saves more than 75% of energy with high efficiency and less heat emission.
  • Instant on and no flickering or warm-up time.
  • Mercury Free.
  • Can sustain about 110 degree of temperature.
  • Smart design with easy fitting and installation.
  • 1-year warranty replacement.

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