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Deltalite have added a new product in the LED series. The new LED Frame Panel Light 2×2 is now available in market at affordable prices. LED Frame Panel is for customers who are looking for style yet affordability for their homes and offices. Providing an optimum light level with maximum energy saving.

Structure of LED Frame Panel Light

As a Led Panel light manufacturer in Pakistan, Deltalite LED Lighting by Delta Source always aims to offer a high-quality Led Panel light, which emits uniform and brighter light, has modern and unique appearance with high efficiency and maximum energy saving. This is an Edge-lit Panel light. The difference between edge-lit and back-lit lies in the position of LEDs and the usage of light guide plate. According to our test reports our edge lit panel performs better than the back lit panels. It is a square shaped frame with Led lights in it. It looks very elegant, the frame glowing around the ceiling tile with an output of more than 100 lumens per watt.

LED Driver:

After introducing the Led panel light, the next important part is Led driver, that connects the led with AC power. Like normal panel lights Led Frame Panel light has an external driver to supply power. It’s important to have a suitable driver with the led. Some important tips to follow while choosing the Led panel light driver:

  • Power and current:

Choose the driver that has the right output power range and current

  • Electronic circuit model:

Isolated circuit will be safer as compared to non-isolated circuit as Panel light has an aluminum frame.

  • Power factor:

The greater the power factor the more the light will be energy saving.

  • Protection and Safety:

Be sure about the driver’s protections such as open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, over temperature protections, etc. Be sure about the driver certifications such as FCC, TUV, CE, etc.

  • Other configurations:

Dimmable or non-dimmable, constant current driver or constant voltage driver, etc.

Deltalite LED Lighting offers a suitable Led driver for the Panel light.

Installation of Led Frame Panel Light:

Led Panel Light is getting more and more popular day by day in the indoor lighting market. After development of years, more and more designs of Panel lights with simple installation come to the market. After purchasing the suitable Led Panel Light, you’ll think about the best installation choice for the home or office.

There is an ordinary way to install Led Panel Light where there is an integrated ceiling such as Office, Toilet, Shopping mall, etc. If the interior ceiling is original or doesn’t get an integrated ceiling decoration, all you need to do is just open a hole in suitable size. This easy installation makes you get a clean and simple interior decoration style. Here’s the installation tips:

  1. Remove the gypsum ceiling board
  2. Wire the Panel light
  3. Put the Panel light to the right place of ceiling board
  4. Adjust and fix the Panel light
  5. Replace the tile inside the panel frame.

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