Why Is it Necessary To Replace Your Halogen Bulbs and Lights With LED Bulbs? Leave a comment

Do you Know the Difference between halogen Bulbs and LED Bulbs in Pakistan? If you were using halogen or fluorescent bulbs or lights at home than you were doing a big loss. Here you’ll know what you were losing and how can you save yourself from this using LED Bulbs.

Cost Effective LED Bulbs in Pakistan

Every home, office, industry or any type of commercial or domestic place need lighting. But lighting needs energy and electricity and in these increasing electricity costs, you need t犀利士
o reconsider your electricity consumption. Lighting anywhere holds a huge part from the overall electricity consumption. So, check on your lights and see for the most efficient technology to replace with and save electricity and money.

The LED lighting is the latest and innovative technology currently available in the market currently that gives almost 80% energy saving and brighter light than any other light.  Here you’ll know everything that sets LED Bulbs apart from all other traditional lighting sources.

LED Bulbs in Pakistan actually give electromagnetic radiations as light. Unlike fluorescent light bulbs and halogens, there is no filament present in them. LED Bulb uses diodes to produce light.

Advantages of LED Bulbs Over Traditional Light Sources

  • LED Bulbs are highly energy-efficient and converts almost 90 per cent of the energy into light and consume a very small amount of energy as compared to the incandescent bulbs that waste almost 80 to 90 per cent of the energy as heat and useless radiations. Hence using Led Bulbs can save a massive amount of electricity.
  • Led Bulbs have a much longer life span as compared to any of the traditional light bulbs. LED Bulbs normally last from 30,00 to 50,000 hours which is almost 10 times greater than a normal light bulb. Hence, you don’t need to replace your bulbs again and again. Just install once and forget the worries.
  • The Good Quality Lights don’t get dimmer with time and work with constant brightness throughout the lifespan. While the other light bulbs start dimming with the time and last for very less period comparatively. Deltalite LED Bulbs are best in quality and don’t get dim or flicker throughout their life.
  • The LED Lights can work in all types of environments and emit very less or negligible heat while the halogen or incandescent bulbs emit a huge amount of heat which results in an increase in the temperature of the place.
  • These are safe to be used as these don’t emit any harmful radiations. Also, these are made up of plastic and metal so these are less fragile. Whereas, other bulbs and lights contain glass that is fragile and requires more safety.
  • The Led Bulbs are now available in multiple colors so if someone is used to the warm light color of halogen light than he can use the available warm LED bulb. One can get LED bulbs in warm white, daylight and natural light. So there is no more limitation for the LED lights to be in just white color.

If you are also looking to replace your traditional lights with LED Lights than Deltalite is the best available option with high quality led lights at a very low price. There are Deltalite LED Bulbs available for domestic as well as commercial use now. Replace your 犀利士
lights now with Deltalite led lights and save your money and energy.

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