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The Global as well as the lighting market in Pakistan is growing. The LED lights are taking over the whole lighting market in Pakistan as well now. Many International brands are competing but the local LED Light companies In Pakistan are still dominating the lighting market in Pakistan. There are many Led light companies in Pakistan that are manufacturing quality and standard LED lights. Over the previous years, the LED lights have been replacing all the previous less efficient lighting technologies. Many of the LED Light companies have started manufacturing locally in Pakistan.

Overview of The Best LED Light Companies

The LED lights are now taking overdue to the local manufacturing of LED lights in Pakistan. There are multiple brands competing in the market over quality and elegantly designed product range. The LED lights produce a brighter light than any other conventional light and consume way less energy. Their efficiency does not depend on over their shape and size like the traditional fluorescent lights. The LED lights are smaller in size, smart, and more efficient in all aspects than the traditional lights. This is why these are used everywhere from large industries to small offices, homes, and even roads. These are also used in illuminating different objects.

High in Demand and Less Expensive LED Lights

The LED Lights market is growing drastically and many new LED Light companies are adding up daily. The monthly sale of LED lights in Pakistan is above 20 million$ which is much more than ever before and it is still growing. Though there are some local LED light companies that are producing low-quality lights the major part is captured by the big brands and quality LED light companies. LED Lights were expensive a few years back but as the technology is improving the manufacturing and installation cost is reducing hence the lights are getting less expensive. As compared to the fluorescent lights there are a little expensive but in the long run, these are far better and money-saving than the fluorescent lights.

The LED light company include two types of companies one that manufactures the LED chip and the other that manufactures the LED light using a pre-manufactured chip. Also, the ones manufacturing chips do manufacture the lights. But in Pakistan mostly LED light companies import chips and manufacture the rest of the light here locally in Pakistan according to their quality standards. Though there are international brands these are more expensive hence people mostly prefer buying a local brand that is less expensive and provides almost the same quality of light. These are also readily replaceable due to local availability.

Delta light LED light Company

Deltalite is one of the best quality LED light companies in Pakistan that provides domestic and commercial LED lights with a 1-year warranty. Deltalite was found by a vision to provide quality LED lights to people in Pakistan at a lower price than these premium and expensive brands. The domestic LED lights include LED bulbs and ceiling downlights. These are available in White, warm white, and natural light colors.

Commercial LED Lights Range

The commercial LED lights to range from Deltalite to include LED Flood Light, 2×2 LED Frame Panel light, LED Street light, and higher power LED Bulbs. These are available in White and Warm white colors.

Where To Buy

These lights give more than 100 lumens per watt and are available with a 1year warranty. The life span claimed by the company is above 20,000 hours. These lights are available online as well as offline and get delivered at your doorstep.

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