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Led Downlight – 7 Watts, 12 Watts | 1 Year Replacement Warranty | DeltaLite Leave a comment

DeltaLite is a product of Delta Source being manufactured in Pakistan. LED Downlight is an efficient lighting solution and replacement of conventional lighting with specialized features to save maximum energy.

LED Downlight Key Features:

·         Bright Light:

It gives bright light

·         Energy Saving:

Our LED Downlight is specifically designed to save maximum energy and reduce bills.

·         Eyes Friendly:

The key feature of our Downlight is to protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

  • Elegant Design:

Its elegant design and divine outlook make it special for customer’s interest with the characteristics to best fit in all types of interiors.

·         Long Lasting:

It has a long life span of up to 40,000 hours.

  • No Flickering:

It gives a uniform distribution of light without flickering.

·         Warranty:

It has a 1-year replacement warranty.

·         Easy Installation:

It is easy to install and doesn’t require any professional skills for installation.

·         Shock Resistant:

Our LED Downlight is manufactured by high-quality materials that are flexible in nature and resist minor surprises.

SMD Downlight contains a Grade A chip that lasts longer with less heat emission and gives more than 110 lumens per watt. It has a power factor of more than 95%.

It is available in:

  • 7 watt
  • 12 watt

Available colors:

  • Day Light (6500K)
  • Warm White (3000K)

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