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Welcome to DeltaSource! A trusted source of extensively unique style and efficient designed LED Light powered by DeltaLite all over Pakistan. With professionalism and effective approaches, we are dedicated to bringing the latest technology to make your home and offices more bright in a cost-effective way. With a wide variety of stylish LED Lights patterns, we are well-known in the marketplace for the most divine collection and highly featured quality LED products.

LED technology, but we also have a range that adheres to style, design, fittings, budget, and most importantly the interest yours.

Why LED Lights? Key Features | At DeltaSource:

There are many types of lighting products that are used in homes and offices, like Conventional Lights, Filaments Lights, Tube Lights, and many more. But now the latest technology has introduced named as “LEDLight Emitting Diode. This technology has overcome the old one “conventional Technology” because LEDs are safer in use and reduce cost as compared to Conventional Lights.

Key Features of LED Lights:

  • Energy Efficiency:

LED Technology is highly energy efficient as it saves more than 80% of energy and converts 95% of the power to light whereas conventional light only converts 5% of power and waste remaining as heat.

  • Eco Friendly:

LED Lights are mainly safe for the environment. It’s harmless for the eyes as plays a cover role against ultraviolet radiation that’s why it’s safer in use and less fragile.

  • Longer Life:

Conventional lights have a life span of 10,000 to 15,000 hours while LED Lights last longer with an average life of 40,000 to 50,000 hours or maybe more. It has the ability to sustain the rise or drop of the voltage and never lose brightness. That’s the quality that makes LED Tech apart from conventional lights.

 Some other key features of LED Lights:

There are also some major problems with conventional lights like non-uniform and unfocused light. These lights are costly in purchasing and in usage also, because of their direct effect on the user’s pocket. Whereas LED technology reduced all the consequences that have been faced by conventional lights.

LED Bulbs give focused light with uniform distribution and maximum lumens per watt. DeltaSource brings Deltalite LED technology with pro advancement in terms of energy efficiency, power consumption, reduce ultraviolet radiations with an attractive design, and premium styles.

Why should choose Deltalite – DeltaSource?

DeltaSource has great pride in the specialized field of LED Light with a variety of LED Bulbs, LED Street Lights, LED Downlights, LED Flood Lights, and LED Batten Lights.

We can confidently say the range we offer boasts innovative technology, incredible design, and exceptional key features. Our dedication allows us to adapt the latest technology, allowing every room or building to reap more brightness with our LED lighting products, whether vintage, modern, flamboyant or minimalist.

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