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LED stands for light-emitting diodes. Outdoor LED light is one of today’s most energy-efficient latest and rapidly-developing lighting technology. It’s a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light.LED bulb

It’s using 85% less energy than conventional lights and it also has a much longer lifespan than other lights. It gives significant savings in your electricity bills and also saves your money. In recent years, LED lights have played a major role in energy saving. Outdoor LED lights come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Join DeltaLite to upgrade your homes with  LED (light-emitting diodes) technology and save maximum electricity.

LED Flood Light

Flood Lights are outdoor led lights source of Bright Light that gives out rays at a very wide-range. There are many benefits of LED floodlights. These lights cover more area than conventional floodlights. They are mostly used in playgrounds, stadiums, warehouses, and many other places.

The main difference between LED Floodlight and other Lights is the other lights are aimed at a particular direction on the surface but Flood light covers a wide range of surfaces like buildings, warehouses, and playgrounds and it is defined to a proper mounting position.

Benefits of flood Lights:

  • Energy Efficient: Our LED Flood Light is using 85% less energy than conventional lights and it also has a much longer span than other lights. It has a life span of about 40,000 hours.
  • Emit very low heat: Our Floodlight has a good heat sinking ability to absorb heat and save the light from failures.
  • Eyes friendly light: Conventional lights or other LEDs may damage your eyes but Deltalite led lights are eye-friendly and don’t harm your eyes.
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    LED Bulb:

    DeltaLite is a source of high-quality LED Bulbs for your homes and offices. It has a long life span and uses less energy so that maximum energy can be saved. Our led lights are environment-friendly.

    Benefits of LED Bulb:

    • Brighter light: Our LED Bulb gives brighter light than convention lights.
    • Eye-friendly: Our LED lights are comfortable for the eyes.
    • Energy Saving: It has a long life span and uses less energy than conventional light so that maximum energy can be saved
    • Cost-Effective: Our LED Light lasts longer and doesn’t need replacement so it is very cost-effective.
    • Easy Installation: It is very easy to install and does not require any technical skills.
    • Warranty: 1year replacement warranty.

    Our LED Bulb is available in:

    Available Colors:

    • Warm White
    • Day Light

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