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LED Bulb or LED light Bulb it’s an a electronic bulb which produces light by using light emitting diodes. These LED bulb produces light 90% more efficiently than the normal bulb. So our LED bulb provide light over 110 lumens which is best measurement of brightness of light.

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode and this light source should not be confused with a light fixture or luminaire. An LED is a component of the entire fixture. So the LED Bulbs are the tiny semiconductors  wrapped in plastic to protect the elements and  focuses to the light .

Special Features

Energy efficient : LED Bulb saves up-to the 80% from the normal bulb which are using in our home. It will be your clever choice to bring down your electricity charges and save energy. LEDs use much less energy than ordinary  bulbs because diode light is much more efficient, power-wise than filament light. LED bulbs use more than 75% less energy than ordinary lighting.

led bulbs

PROMINENT LIGHT :Normal lights can cause irremediable damage to retina of human eyes. So our LED Bulb  gives radioactive free light which is very pleasant to your eyes. LED Bulbs are free from all harsh chemicals.

Applications of Led Bulb

LED bulb  made popular thought their efficiency, range of colours and long lifespan. LEDs are used in numerous places which are given below

1- LEDs  Used in TV backlighting

2- LEDs used in smartphone Backlighting

3- Used for LED Displays

4-  Used for Automotive lighting

5- LEDs are also used Dimming of lights

6- LED Bulbs are used in Hospitals

7- LED Bulbs are used in home, schools and also used in marriage halls

8- LEDs are used in Health Care

9- LED Bulbs are used in offices

10- LED Bulbs  are used in industrial places

11- LED  Bulb give prominent light with uniform distribution and high lumens per watt.

Economically Fair 

So our LED bulbs are prepared with high quality products to serve for long lasting than the normal bulbs. Switching  LED light bulbs can help the typical home save about a Rs 1,55,000 over a 10-year period. That’s roughly Rs1280  a month.

Types of Led Bulbs 

 There are different types of LED Bulbs  are which are given below

1- Dimmer switches

2- LED lightning tubes

3- Graphene light




We provide 1 year of substitution guarantee to our customers.

Superiority of our led bulb 

1- Our LED Bulbs are long lasting to use.

2- Highly flame and Potency

3- Extraordinary color range

4- These are Reliable

5- Prompt illumination

6- less Power consumption

7- LEDs don’t produce much heat in form of infrared radiation.

8-  LED Bulbs are physically small in size

9-  These LEDs have tremendous design flexibility

10-  LEDs work efficiently in hot and cold temperatures


1- Warm white

2- Day light

LED Bulbs Accessible

1-  5 Watt

2-  7 Watt

3-  12 Watt

4-  18 Watt

5-  30 Watt

6-  40 Watt

7-  50 Watt

8-  60 Watt

Buying Guide 

Before buying LED Bulbs think carefully about what exactly you’re looking to achieve. When you are building a new house or renovating your existing home, consider your lighting concept early on too – inserting led Bulbs at a later time may be more complicated.

If you are illuminating a room entirely, of course, a number of LED Bulbs are required, ideally a whole set or more. But if you are creating targeted accent lighting, individual LED Bulbs are the right choice in this case.

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