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Deltalite have analyzed the market trends and needs about LED Downlights and after keen research to offer more energy saving and incentives to the house hold and consumers making quality LED lights in Pakistan.  Still not sure about which lights to use for your home? These facts are for you that you should know about LED lights.

Warranty of LED Downlight

Are you concerned about warranty and maintenance is an issue for you? Warranty is always the customers concern and it is necessary for the protection of the customer. Because if the light is of low quality than the customer will fed up as he’ll need to replace it periodically. Deltalite have figured this out and gives complete one-year warranty with a life of above 20,000 hours for LED Downlights. Once you install Deltalite, you don’t have to replace it again and again after few months and same is for the dealers and sellers. They don’t have to face the negative remarks of every customer.

Choice of Color Temperature

Don’t know which color to use for your homes? We are here to assist and guide you. There are three colors available in led downlights in both 7 watts and 12 watts and these temperatures are same as mentioned and completely safe for eyes.

  • Warm White (2700K – 3000K)
  • Natural Light (4000K – 4500K)
  • Daylight (6000K – 6500K)

Warm white is comfortable and relaxing and is mostly used in living and restrooms to create a relaxing environment. The daylight is used in office and work environment or where strong light is required. While natural white or a combination of warm white and day light is used mostly in dining rooms, halls and TV lounges where medium light with natural coloring effect is required. These are the standard not the default but preferred choices and can be variable according for everybody as everybody have a different choice.

Know About The Technical Side and Specs

Do you know about the technical side of led lights? Here are some of the factors that you should be know to choose the right light for your home.

Power or Watts of Light

The major purpose of energy saving and efficient light is to reduce the power consumption, saving more energy with the same bright light output. A good犀利士
quality 12 watts led light gives equal light to a traditional 100 watts fluorescent bulb. A standard 12-watt LED downlight is used normally but there are other powers also available.

Lumens of Light

Light is measured in lumens. It is a standard unit for light measurement by a source. It is the amount of light that hits a square foot of a surface when the source is just a foot away from that surface. More lumens per square foot means brighter light. Normally standard 12-watt lights give under 1200 lumens as output while deltalite provides above 1300 lumens.
2>Making a Choice

Don’t get confused while choosing the light for home. Choose a light that is better than your previous halogen or fluorescent light. Go through all the specs and then decide what works best for you. Choose a light that lasts longer with same bright light.

If you are from Lahore than you can get deltalite led downlights from any of the local electronics store around you as our lights are available on many stores in major markets of Lahore. You can also order us online and get delivered at your doorstep not in just Lahore but in all Pakistan. Place your orders we are waiting to light up your homes.

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